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What can walk and talk therapy offer us?

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

The feel of the sun on our face and hearing the rustle of the wind in the trees can be really cathartic, but what about trudging through pouring rain, surely that will add to our worries?

Definitely the weather needs to feel comfortable for both parties, but sometimes rain, if we are wrapped up well, or can find a place to shelter, can be helpful in mirroring how we are feeling. We can use nature to help us to explore areas that we might be finding hard to voice, or we can simply walk and talk without directly using the environment.

There is something less intense about walking side by side, with minimal eye contact and allowing the ebb and flow of walking to soothe us. There are the obvious health benefits of exercise and movement and being around nature. Also in Covid times it can feel safer than being in a therapy room. It can also be helpful when we are short of time, to combine our exercise with our counselling.

There are things to consider, such as ensuring the route is accessible for all and making sure there are toilet facilities. It is also important to think about how you will greet anybody that either of you know, and how you will handle anybody who might come close enough to hear your conversation. An initial session over the telephone/on zoom is advised, to ensure we are comfortable.

Some people love it but walk and talk therapy is not for everyone. Your safe space might be on the telephone, on zoom or face to face in a counselling room, whatever feels right for you.


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